Streamlining Your Office Move: A Guide to Efficient Relocation Planning

Moving an entire office is about more than just moving technical equipment, books, desks, and files to another location. It needs careful planning and the assistance of professionals. Therefore, you need to hire a reputable moving company that can make the entire relocation process smoother and more efficient. Further, the experts will help you to operate quickly and effectively in the new work premises. They will work with a good checklist, keeping in mind the safety of your office equipment and valuable belongings.

Moreover, you need to consider the following pointers so that the technology works again quickly and all employees can get back to their usual work as quickly as possible.

Create a Timeline Based on Company Size

The amount of time you need to move your office depends primarily on the size of the company. For smaller companies or corporations, a preparation time of around two to three months is sufficient in most cases.

For medium-sized companies with up to around 250 employees, the experts recommend starting all the necessary preparations six months before the change.

If you have a workforce of 250 to 800 people then the entire office move will be more complex. You will definitely need six to twelve months to structure everything so that the move goes smoothly.

For companies with even more jobs and huge companies, a lead time of one to one and a half years can be expected.

Calculate the Cost of Moving

The costs for office relocation cannot simply be stated quickly in advance. However, the prices for moving a company are usually higher. You should therefore discuss it with the moving company you hired and take into account the costs of packing materials and transportation. Having a clear budget will help you make informed decisions throughout the process.

Other Important Factors to Keep in Mind

In addition to finding the right moving and packing company, creating a timeline, and evaluating the relocation cost, you need to make sure to book tradesmen such as electricians and plumbers to connect telephones and the internet right from the start. Technology is usually the basis for success in the company.

Additionally, you should include the loss of sales for the days during the move as well as all ongoing costs. The staff needs to be paid, the ongoing insurance needs to be maintained - you should consider all of these factors in your company's calculations right from the start. You can bet that there will be no unpleasant surprises before, during, and after the relocation.

Checklist for the Company Move

A checklist is essential for an office move. Consider the following points for a fast and effective office relocation:

  • ● To ensure that the new landlord is happy, you should pay the deposit in good time and set up a standing order for the rent.
  • ● Termination of the old office should take place as early as possible.
  • ● Report your move to all of the energy and gas suppliers you deal with.
  • ● Order your new telephone and internet connection in good time. What is important here? Everything should be running smoothly before the day you move in. You can therefore have all lines checked so that your employees can work well right from the start.
  • ● Inform your business partners and your customers about the move. You can publish all information online or place an advertisement in the press so that you can provide effective information.
  • ● Make notes about who else you would like to inform about the office move: For example, insurance companies, associations, banks, unions, magazine and subscription publishers, health insurance companies, or domain owners should be informed.
  • ● Be sure to indicate your new address and telephone number on the legal notice and contact pages on your online website.
  • ● Submit a forwarding request to the post office. This means that documents and packages arrive safely – even after the move.
  • ● Have brochures, letterheads, flyers, and other advertising media changed in a timely manner.
  • ● Get good moving quotes from moving companies that are right for you. Let them provide you with a cost estimate for your office move. If necessary, consider additionally renting a furniture elevator.
  • ● Get enough moving and book boxes or have them organized for you.
  • ● Use the floor plan of the new space to plan how technology and desks will be positioned so that your employees can work in healthy conditions. Also, pay attention to the location of sockets and light switches.

From these basics you can see, that it is always an advantage if you plan your office relocation with the best movers and packers in a timely and systematic manner. But now an important factor at the end: Motivate your team and all your employees so that the move has many advantages. Every single employee is asked to always give their best with the right attitude and spread a good atmosphere!

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